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Pushing and Pulling a Dynamics Cart

1. Connect the datalogger interface to a PC with the software installed.

2. Use a box placed under the air track to raise the track at one end.

3. Connect the motion sensor to the interface and fix it at the high end of the air track.

- Figure 1 -


Before data recording, make sure the motion sensor is aligned and can record the movement of the cart.

5. Place the cart at the low end of the track.

6. Start the data-logging software to collect data.

7. Give a firm push on the cart up the air track so the cart will move up the inclined plane toward and then away from the motion sensor. Please note that the cart cannot go too close to the motion sensor which is less than the minimum distance of the motion sensor.

8. Stop the data collection when the cart returns to the bottom of the air track.
















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