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Almost all data-logging interfaces have their own specially written software either provided for free with the interface or at an extra cost. Obviously, you will need to ensure that the software is available for your computer before you buy a data-logging system and be wary of a manufacturer who tells you that the version you require will be available 'shortly' - that could mean anything from four weeks to eighteen months!

In the special case of analogue port interfaces, most software written to work with one will work with others. However, each will contain calibration tables which are specific to a particular sensor, so ensure that you have software which will give accurate readings with the sensors you are using.

Bundle software:

  Software Features Download
  DataStudio Software (PASCO)
All-in-one software solution that collects, displays, stores, and analyses scientific data using a computer.
  Specification PDF
  Sensing Science Laboratory Workroom (Data Harvest)
Contains Meters, Timer and Graph data capture and analysis programme.
  Demo Software
The workroom includes an example worksheet.

The worksheets are written in HTML format which can simply load and print.
  Manual PDF
  Insight2 (LogIT)
Sensors are automatically identified and displayed.

  Demo Software
Logs real-time from LogIT SL, LIVE or DataMeter at a rate of every 0.1 seconds for 60 seconds up to every 900 seconds for 7 days.

Timing mode for time, speed, acceleration, velocity, kinetic energy, etc.

  Specification PDF
Loads remote data from DataMeter and LogIT SL.

Resizable graph, table, bars and digits display.

Zoom, print, save or export data.

Compare data channels from different experiments.

Comprehensive tools for advanced analysis.

Keyboard control of cursors.

Manual data entry from keyboard for modelling.

Intelligent conversion of units for time axis.

Both Programme Guide & Teachers Manuals supplied.

Supports all LogIT family dataloggers.

Supports single channel control (for use with output devices such as the LogIT Control Relay).

Simple recalibration of some sensors.

Conditional start and overlaying of results.



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