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Capacitor charge/discharge - Experiment with different component values.


Fridges and Freezers - Plot temperature inside a fridge or freezer. Also plot temperature of the heat exchanger on the back. How is temperature affected by opening the door or by adding something hot to the fridge. Can you see the effect of the thermostat?


Fruit Power - Make a fruit battery. Experiment with different fruits and electrodes.


Global Warming - Show how CO2 can effect warming. Heat two bottles using a lamp. One contains air and the other CO2.


Heat Insulation - Wrap test tubes in different insulating materials. Compare wet and dry insulation


Heat Loss Through Windows - Compare temperature inside and outside a window over 24 hours. If possible compare single and double glazing.


Infra red remote controls - Use a photo diode to view the invisible.


Investigating the effects of wheel imbalance


Light decay (inverse square law) - How does light level decay with distance from source


Light Insulation - Experiment with different materials to see which cuts out the most light. Does using two bits of insulation have twice the effect?


Measuring the speed of sound - Using 2 microphones or musical recorder


Output of a solar cell - What factors affect the output voltage and power available.


Response time comparison of two types of heat sensor


Sound Decay - Use a sound source with a constant level and plot how it decays with distance.


Sound Insulation - Use a sound source with a constant level and experiment with different insulating materials.


Sound waveforms - Use oscilloscope to show the sound waveforms produced by someone whisting, speaking or singing. Switch on the spectrum analyser to see the frequency components (e.g. who's whistle has the highest frequency, who can whistle the loudest?)


Sound waveforms of musical Instruments - Look at the scope waveform and FFT spectrum of different musical instruments.


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