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Hair Dryer Testing

Experiment Profile:

1. Background
We use hair dryers to dry our hair everyday but how much you know about hair dryers? Among the different brands of hair dryers in the market, do you know which one is most effective and uses less electricity?

2. Objective
To test the effectiveness and efficiency of different brands of hair dryers.

3. Equipment List
Datalogger interface connected to a PC
Temperature sensor
Hair dryer of different brands and models
Power supply



1. Connect the datalogger interface to a PC with the software installed.

2. Connect the temperature sensor to the datalogger interface and fix the temperature sensor in the stand, placed in front of the hair dryer.

3. Start recording temperature for around 30 seconds with the hair dryer turned off.

Turn on the hair dryer and keep the datalogger onto record the temperature for 5 minutes.

5. Stop recording the data and save the data file for this hair dryer.

6. Repeat steps 2 to 5 with another hair dryer.


1. Plot a graph of temperature against time for each of the hair dryers.

2. Calculate the power used for each hair dryer.

3. Plot a graph to compare the power used to raise the temperature between the different brands of hair dryers.

4. Which hair dryer would you consider to be the best item to buy? Give your reasons.


Try to set up an experiment to test the wind speed of the hair dryer.

What is the relationship between the wind speed and temperature?

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